Selling Your Records to Bart’s

Other people want to enjoy the records that you cannot.  If you have boxes of cherished records and you’re not in a place to listen to them all, why not consider selling to us? Most people who sell to us fall into four categories: inheriting a collection from someone else, downsizing their house, gone digital, or simply need cash.

Bart’s Record Shop helps get your records to other music lovers who will enjoy them.  And you get a fair price and an easy sale.  You can bring boxes to us and we will make you an offer.  Or, if you have a larger collection, we will set an appointment and come to you.  Call us at 303-444-1760.

See what others are saying about selling collections to Bart’s:

After culling through a 1000+ record collection I inherited from my father, I contacted Bart’s Record Shop to see if they’d be interested in what remained of the 13 boxes.  Will Paradise, the owner of Bart’s, personally came to my house to pick up the albums.  It was obvious he is passionate about music and the joy sharing it with others can bring.  His staff listened to each album, researched their value and got back to me within 48hrs with an offer to purchase 246 records for $500 or store credit.  They also offered to donate the remaining albums to the Whole Planet Foundation which helps to alleviate poverty around the globe through business opportunities.  It was an easy decision and quick process that felt like a win/win situation on so many levels!

Lisa EggerArchitect

I’ve been coming to Bart’s for over twenty years, so when it came time to sell, Bart’s was the obvious choice.  Will came to our house, spent a lot of time going through the albums and gave a fair price.  Everything about the process is easy and fair.

Rodney TaylorCU Professor

I have boxes of records that have been sitting in a storage pod for years.  I simply can’t fit them all into my apartment.  I brought in four boxes of jazz, classical and Celtic albums, and Will cut me a check for $400.  That makes a lot more sense than leaving them, unloved, in storage.

ScottWhole Foods Team Member