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A Platter Full of Vinyl Delight

Favorite Albums of 2017 (Part Two)

In my first post for this blog earlier this year, I highlighted…

Soundtracks Make a Comeback

This month I’ve come to sing the praises of the Soundtrack.…

Selections From Our New Top Albums by Women Section

We love lists at Bart’s Record Shop. And why not—what music…
Randy Goldner, Bart's Record Shop

Favorite New Albums for 2017

By Randy Goldner I’m Randy and no weekend is complete for…
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Utrecht Vinyl Market

Outpost Magazine just published our field notes from the world's…

Bart’s Record Store: Greatest Personal Hits of All Time!

Yes, you can buy vinyl and CD’s on Amazon, but why are record…

Get cued up and keep in sync. To stay most up to date, make sure to …

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