Bart’s Staff

The staff at Bart’s Record has a combined music retail experience of 102 years! Just one of the many reasons we earn “Best of Boulder” year after year.

Elise Colley, social media expert

working in music stores since 2016

First album: Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits purchased from Café Kerouac in Colombus, Ohio.

Favorite album from personal collection: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon because the story behind the album makes it just that much better.

In search of: Are you Satisfied? by Reignwolf, limited edition on yellow vinyl

Music bonded Elise’s family and kitchen dancing to Sympathy for the Devil is practically a family Christmas tradition.  Her parents raised her to learn their music – classic rock – from a young age.  Elise loves to support live music and festivals whenever she can because it’s the best medicine.

Elise loves working for Bart’s because she gets prize musical suggestions from co-workers and customers.  When she’s not at Bart’s or a music festival, Elise studies Transpersonal Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Art Therapy at Naropa University.

John Martinez, pricing guru

working in music stores since 1982

First album: Beatles, Let it Be purchased from the PX (army base store) at Ft. Hood, Texas for $2.75

Favorite album from personal collection: Velvet Underground with Nico, mono recording with unretouched back cover

In search of: Louvin Brothers, Satan is Real

Born in Texas, John became obsessed with vinyl at an early age. His favorite position as a youngster was resting his teeth on the family’s turntable console, listening to record after record until teeth grooves formed in the wood. He came to Boulder for college but learned more from the local record shops than classes, working at both Trade a Tape and Wax Trax.

Allen Miller, CD man

First album: Duran Duran, Seven and The Ragged Tiger.  A gift from Grandma when he was nine years old and he listened to it every day for many many months.

Favorite album from personal collection: Duran Duran, any.

In search of: anything electronica or “robot music”.  Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk.

Ever since Allen can remember, his world has been saturated with music.  He loves to write music as well as listen.  Alongside Jon Martinez, Allen hosted a weekend radio show in the 90’s at Radio 1190.  Most callers were either hungover or snowboarders on their way up I-70.  He also worked at Bart’s back when it was in the Ozo Coffee location on Pearl.

Allen is a proud lover of 80’s music and even sported a bleached Flock of Seagulls ‘do.

Will Paradise, owner

working in music stores since 2015

First album: Jethro Tull Benefit for $2.77

Favorite album from personal collection: Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers.

In search of: Beck’s Sea Change on pink vinyl, mobile fidelity recording. Only one thousand made.

Will became obsessed with music and records at eight years of age. In his early years, he would hand write letters to request brochures on stereo equipment he could never afford. He got more mail than anyone in Buzzards Bay, MA, the mailman used to tell him. Then he sorted and categorized the brochures in a filing cabinet next to his albums. Will loves vinyl because it’s an experience: the ritual, the artwork, the smell, the sound of the stylus finding the groove. You are intimately involved with the music. Will has worked in the natural foods’ industry for 34 years, starting with stocking the bulk bins and ending as senior management for Whole Foods Market. He bought the shop in 2016 after Bart decided to move back to Maryland.

Jay Ryan, manager

Haunting records stores since 1980

First album: The Best of the Beach Boys

Favorite Album from Personal Collection:  The Stooges- Funhouse. Elektra gatefold – dig the band pic!

In Search of: music that scratches the itch

Jeremiah Ryan has been in love with music and records his whole life. He is the former frontman of Providence, RI’s favorite weirdo sons – Six Finger Satellite and spent most of the 1990s writing, recording, touring and scouring record stores coast to coast. He has a great knowledge of the rock and roll family tree and is always interested in discovering new bands who are doing it themselves and keeping the rebel spirit of music alive.

Patrick Selvage, manager

In the record biz since 2000
First Album: David Bowie, Space Oddity for $8
Favorite album from personal collection: Glenn Branca, Lesson No. 1 – Signed from Branca’s personal collection
In search of: Jean-Claude Vannier ‎– L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches
Patrick became interested in records when his aunt gave him her collection one year for a Christmas present.  He has played in numerous bands and ran the independent label Sao Bento Music for six years. Patrick loves digging and has visited over 150 record stores throughout the world.