The proud new owner and daughter

New Ownership

holiday-wrappingIn February of 2016, Bart Stinchcomb turned the keys over to new owner, Will Paradise, after twenty-five years in the CD and vinyl business.  Will had been one of Bart’s best customers since 2008, when he finally unpacked his vinyl in storage.  Will and Bart had been doing some business collaboration for about six months prior to the sale of the store.  When Bart’s dream horse property became available in his native Maryland, he and his wife jumped at the chance for a new chapter of life.  The catalyst for the move was the dream farm.

When Bart approached Will to buy the store, Will had just retired from twenty-five years with Whole Foods Market.  He wasn’t sure he was done settling in to retirement.  But Will told Bart that he would help him out while Bart was in Maryland and still waiting for a buyer.  After Will’s first day on the job, working for credit on used vinyl, he knew he was going to buy it.

Will Paradise started work with Whole Foods Market stocking the bulk bins and “selling great food to nice people.”  As the company grew, Will moved up in responsibility and learned how to retail from the best in the country.  He now brings this knowhow to Bart’s, building on one of Boulder’s most beloved businesses.

In the first month of work, Will drove out and met with folks who wanted to sell their collections.  Some were selling collections for those who have passed, others were moving to smaller homes.  All of them had a story to tell.  Meeting collectors and perusing collections has become one of Will’s favorite parts of the job.  “Music people are like book people: interesting.”  Will is usually in the shop on Saturdays and Tuesdays and he loves to talk music.  If he’s not in the store, he is buying collections, ordering new vinyl or playing with his kids.

Have you noticed the changes?  Record collectors tend to have a nostalgia for the good old days, and we will keep the best of Bart’s and add to the tried and true.  New listening stations in the back are almost complete.  Our Facebook, Instagram and website presence is getting a makeover.  Soon we will add online sales for our rare, high value collectibles.  For the holidays, we are offering more new turntables, headphones and audiophile gifts.  Let us know how you like us now…

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I didn’t realize that Bart had sold the shop when I stopped in July

    I always find time for Bart’s when I visit my Son in Boulder


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